Chi Mei Corporation was founded by Mr. Shi Wen-Long in 1960 with the company headquarter located in Tainan, Taiwan as the first producer of acrylic panel and ABS resins in Taiwan. In 1996
Chi Mei established Zhenjian Chimei Chemical /China. Nowadays the chief products are ABS resins, SAN resins, PS resins, MS resins, PC resins, PC/ABS resins, ASA resins, Q resins, PMMA resins thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), high cis and low cis butadiene rubber (HBR/LBR) and styrene butadiene rubber (SBBR).
The annual production capacity of all products reached 3.66 million tons, incl. an annual capacity of 2.16 million tons of ABS resins and 330,000 tons of PMMA resins.
The Chi Mei group has developed businesses including plastics and petrochemicals, optoelectronic materials, consumer electronics, and foods, and has also given rise to nonprofit organizations, including foundations and medical centers, geared toward cultural and healthcare undertakings.