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S 400K | Purging compound

The S 400K is a technically advanced cleaning resin for all piston and screw injection molding machines and extruders.
The simple handling and the high cleaning effect reduce the costs of a color or material change immediately.

How to use
The cleaning granulate is mixed with the new material in a proportion of 30-50%. S 400k can be used in a temperature range of 150°C – 400°C.

How it works
Unlike other cylinder cleaners, S 400k works mechanically with optimal cleaning effect!

It is recommended to do the cleaning with an open nozzle
The smallest nozzle diameter is 3mm
Remove the shutoff nozzle before
On extruders, the nozzle head has to be dismantled
Only add S 400k in small quantities to the machine. Otherwise it could block the screw or overload the engine.
AWP purging compound requires no special storage conditions and is non toxic according to DIN safety data sheet for polyethylene.
Packaging: 15 kg bags

AWP: Cleaning granules S400K